In a world of constant noise, what if we stopped to listen?

Reflections and recollections of strangers, tears, moments of awe and motherhood - and what it means to connect the dots.

19th October 2022. Loss and Found sound installation. The Hidden Gardens, Glasgow, Scotland.

A woman on her own.
She is wearing a big jacket and headphones that she removes after reading the information sheet.
She looks at me and says
The woman listens for approximately 40 seconds before making her way.

A mother and a baby in a stroller.
She stops in the middle - the baby makes a noise.
She walks in circles within the parameters of the installation,
slowly, as to soothe the baby.
She records her surroundings on her phone. The baby quiets down,
falls asleep.
The woman stops.
She sits down.
She sits for the duration of the loop.
The loop restarts,
she doesn’t move.

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