The Loss and Found sound memorial

In a world of constant noise, what if we stopped to listen?
24th September - XXth {monthplaceholder}
With LOSS AND FOUND we wanted to find a way to speak about climate grief - the sounds representing the loss for which we haven’t yet found a precise language.
The LOSS AND FOUND sound arrangement contains archived sounds of nature, people, and industrial life before 1995, sounds of a life that is no more and yet still echoes into the present, whilst the present-day recordings belong to the voices of participants in workshops we have held around the country. What if we paid attention to the minutiae of what makes up a lifetime?
We hope you will slow down and listen. Let the sounds of the community and the land echo in your body. The circular loop is an acknowledgement that time is not linear and that our way of living, looking only at constant growth, was never sustainable. The physical pillars, meanwhile, stand as sculptural trees, speaking to our current conversation between tech and nature. We need to listen to the loop: The past, the present, the future.
LOSS AND FOUND wants to tune into the community that is all of us. To tune into the voices of lived experiences. Imagining new worlds, together.
LOSS AND FOUND has been created by Dissonant Futures, in collaboration with sculpture designer Kevin Logan and sound designers Camilo Tirado and Andréas Saenz De Sicilia. Voices by workshop participants at Common Space in Bradford, BOM in Birmingham and the ‘Meet Me at The Albany’ group at The Albany, London and Dissonant Futures collective members.
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