For our final part of the LOSS AND FOUND phase, we invited the collective members to reflect on the process and the topic of our first project. The result - CODA - is a collection of writing, visual art, conversation, video and sound.

Holding Playful Clarity

Imagining the depth and spread of emotions relating to climate change issues, 'Holding Playful Clarity' visualises their bumpiness as a landscape with contradictory contours.

Words On Grief

The opposite of grief is eternity. It is being able to hold onto the love that we felt forever.

Heart-Space Astronaut

I set out to make a zine. But somehow it morphed into what you have here. It’s a kind of illustrated audio play/essay/memoir. I think. Anyway. Read it however it makes sense to you, in your head, out loud. Or you could just look at the pictures if you wanted

In a world of constant noise, what if we stopped to listen?

Reflections and recollections of strangers, tears, moments of awe and motherhood - and what it means to connect the dots.

The A-Z of Future Grief

a visual, conversational poetry essay

A pause for the parasympathetic nervous system

An embodied practice to observe and release.