The A-Z of Future Grief

a visual, conversational poetry essay

A factual fictional journey.

The conversation woven into the essay took place on the 6thFebruary 2023 via zoom with Mikkel Krause Frantzen, Associate Professor in Environmental Aesthetics at the University of Copenhagen and literary critic for the Danish broadsheet Politiken, and Anna Mauersberger, founder of the lab for soulful, civic education, HeartWire in Germany, and also producer of the VR experience ‘The Shape of Us’. Photos by: David Alexander, except for the final photo by Line Langebek.

The conversation centred on the emergence of new words (or old words with renewed meaning), what kind of culture has meaning in the ‘climate change space’ - whether it even makes sense to talk about or work with ‘grief’. The answers from Mikkel and Anna have been inserted into the essay, with the poetry sometimes a response to one line from the conversation or a complete answer, and sometimes in response to an image – the ‘you’ in the texts is partly fictional.

Any responsibility for unforeseen new meanings lies entirely with me, however, the journey from A to Z is made up of contributions by all.

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